Riding the bus

Riding The Bus

For Campers who plan to ride the bus:

  • Riding the bus to campYour route information. Unless we call and tell you otherwise, the location and time of your pick-up/drop-off will be what you requested on your registration form. You will get a phone call and email the weekend before your session starts from your route’s bus counselor to verify your child’s pick-up and drop-off site and times.
  • Timeliness. While we strive to stay on schedule, we are driving through DC area traffic at rush hour, and sometimes we’ll get stuck in it. If we know that we will be more than ten minutes late to a pick-up/drop-off site, you will get a call letting you know our approximate time of arrival.
  • Changes. PLEASE NOTE: We’re happy to make changes to accommodate sleepovers, friends going to each others’ houses, etc. but we need advance notice from the parents (not from the kids).  We cannot, however, accommodate last-minute changes to a bus route. If you wish to make a change to which bus your child is on, please call your bus counselor AT LEAST 24 hours in advance. The reason for this is that some buses are close to, or at, full capacity and there’s no room to make the change.
  • Permission to Leave the Bus Stop Unattended. The bus will not leave a drop-off site until all the campers have been picked up by a parent or designated guardian. If you want to allow your child to walk or ride the metro by themselves, please sign and return the Bus Permission Slip (PDF).

For campers getting dropped-off and picked up at Madeira:

  • Times of Pick-up/Drop-off. The time to drop-off your camper is 9:00 and the time to pick-up is 4:00 pm.  Please note: on Fridays campers will get picked up at Spring Hill RECenter in McLean, VA instead of Lake Fairfax Park or The Madeira School.