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acting camp for middle school

Award-winning summer theatre camps & acting conservatories – for DC area’s kids, tweens and teens

There are a lot of different ensembles at Traveling Players, and we want to help you find the best fit. Here are some tips, depending on what grade you’re in. 

Traveling Players offers a range of summer camp programs for students in 3rd – 12th grade, from 1-week of fun for beginner actors all the way up to 7-weeks of pre-college Shakespeare performance training. That’s a lot of choices! 

Click on your current grade to see what options are available to you.

Join us for our special one-week Acting Sampler, a perfect introduction to theatre, the outdoors and the wonderful Traveling Players community.  This program is offered three times throughout the summer, so it can fit into anyone’s schedule!
For a single week of summer fun, select the Acting Sampler.  For the chance to put on a full play, check out the two-weeGreek Mythology Ensembletake your skills from the Acting Sampler to the next level and build characters, learn parts, and perform on the big stage, all while learning about ancient theatre and mythology.
You’ve got a lot of options, depending on how long you want to be with us.  Want just one week? Try the Acting Sampler.  Interested in being part of a show?  Go with the Greek Mythology Ensemble.  If you’re ready for more, go for the full 4-week Thespian EnsembleYou can also combine sessions to get more Traveling Players in your summer.
Your options depend on how long you want to be with us! Greek Mythology Ensemble is a great 2-week introduction to doing a full show with Traveling Players. Or you could sign up for the full 4-week Thespian Ensemble. You can also do both: Greek Myths Ensemble is a great prep for Middle School!
Our fun-filled 4-week Thespian Ensemble is the place for you. For a totally TPE summer, sign up for both sessions!
There’s a reason we call this the “choice year”. You can sign up for Thespian Ensemble, Shakespeare Ensemble, or Technical Theatre. How will you ever make up your mind? Learn more about all your options!
Our high school camp options are more about what you want out of your summer.  Want to have an intensive Shakespeare experience, sharpening your classical skills Shakespeare Ensemble is perfect for you. Prefer working behind the scenes?  Go with Technical TheatreReady for rigorous rehearsal and a professional two-week tour? Shakespeare Troupe is the way to go.

Want to add just a little bit more TPE into your summer? Are you already registered for one of our summer programs but would love do one more overnight with all your friends, lend a hand in the shops, or assist a director? Internships are limited availability, customized 1- or 2-week programs—just for you!

Questions about which ensemble is right for you? Ask our staff!

Want to know the inside scoop? Ask a TPE family!