celebrating early bird discounts

There are a few ways you can be eligible for discounts on our summer programs:

Early Bird Special: If you enroll for a TPE program before midnight on Feb. 11, you can receive a special early bird discount! ($50 off Acting Sampler, $75 off Mythology, $100 off all other programs)

Referrals: If a new student enrolls in any program at your suggestion, we will gratefully give you a rebate. Multiple new campers equals multiple rebates! You don’t have to wait to register to get the rebate—enroll and pay now, and we’ll gladly refund you as a thank you for every referral. ($25 for Acting Sampler or Mythology, $50 for all other programs)

Full Summer Discount: Families enrolling one child in multiple sessions are eligible for a discount! In order to qualify for the discount, you must purchase two sessions of 4 weeks or more. ($50 off for any combination of Middle School, High School, and Commedia Troupe)

Sibling Discount: Families enrolling more than one child may take a discount. ($25 off Acting Sampler or Mythology, $50 off all other programs)