Camp Locations

Located at The Madeira School

Traveling Players Ensemble’s 2017 summer camp is located at The Madeira School (8328 Georgetown Pike, McLean, VA 22102).

After two years away, Traveling Players is overjoyed to return to our old home, The Madeira School.  Located on the bank of the Potomac river, the school boasts wooded hilltop rehearsal sites, indoor rainspaces, and a gorgeous lunch spot overlooking the river.  For more information about The Madeira School, please visit their website.

Campouts at Lake Fairfax Park

On Thursdays, once rehearsals have finished for the day, the campers turn their attention to the overnight. We’ll all get on purple buses and drive over to Lake Fairfax Park (1400 Lake Fairfax Drive, Reston, VA 20190) where we’ll cook, eat, play and camp on the hill overlooking the lake. Evening activities may include games on the athletic fields, scavenger hunts, hikes around the lake, singing around the campfire, or even rehearsals by moon- and fire-light (just for the high schoolers). For more information about the Park, please visit the Lake Fairfax Park website. 

Transportation is available for all programs.

Madeira School scenic overlook