Health Forms

Info for summer 2022 coming soon! Below is summer 2021.

Health Forms

Our 2021 Health Forms are now available on our website’s registration system.  Please fill out your health form as soon as possible — having all the data about where our community’s health is allows us to make informed choices about camp.  We need your health forms and all associated documents no later than 11:59pm on Sunday, June 6.

Below, please find a guide to our online health system. For most campers, checking all these boxes should take no longer than 30 minutes — so please do it as soon as you can, rather than leaving it for later!

  • Click this link to fill out our digital health form.
    • When finished, make sure you have selected “this form is complete” and click “submit” — otherwise, your data will not be saved.
    • If you’d like to fill this form in more than one sitting, please save your progress by scrolling to the bottom, selecting “this form is not complete”, and clicking “submit” before closing your browser or leaving your computer.

  • Click this link to access your document center. On this page, we need you to submit three important documents:
    • A copy or a photo of your camper’s health insurance card (front and back).
    • A copy or a photo of your camper’s immunization history.
    • A copy or a photo of your camper’s COVID-19 vaccination card.
      • If your camper has not yet received their first shot, please upload their vaccination card as soon as they receive it.
      • If your camper has received their first shot, please upload their vaccination card now. Once they get their second shot, you will be able and required to reupload their vaccination card with the updated information on it.

  • Click this link to access your medication record. Please ensure that all the medications your child will or may take at camp are recorded here (including vitamins and natural remedies).
    • You do not need to include OTC drugs used circumstantially (ibuprofen, Benadryl, etc.) unless they are a part of your child’s routine healthcare.

Please note: this entire process is associated with the account used to register for camp. Log into your existing account and do not create a new account in our system to fill out your health info.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact us directly at or 703-987-1712.