Puppetry Intensive

Puppetry Intensive

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Fun with puppets! Master the basics of puppet making and performance in this new class with one of our most popular new teachers!

For current 4th – 6th graders

  • Saturday, October 6 — 10:00am – 3:00pm

So, what’s the deal with puppets?

Take an object—any old object—and look at it. It’s a just a thing. A useful thing, maybe, but an object with no life.

But with puppets, you get to be a craftsperson and a magician, taking an object and breathing it to life!

Using a design from your imagination, we will create puppets and give them personalities. We’ll experiment with movement, games, and scripts where your puppet takes center stage.

We’ll begin our morning with theater games and activities, and then move to puppet design and construction. After lunch, it’s time to put on the finishing touches and make your puppet come alive with movement and speech. We’ll finish the day with some puppet scenes and games.

Puppetry emphasizes developing motor control and proprioception. Building puppets requires design, planning, problem solving, and even engineering skills.

For the developing actor, manipulating a puppet teaches stage presence and focus, as well as sharing the stage, in addition to building strong skills in character development, character voice, projection, and compelling storytelling.

Traveling Players summer camps and classes always offer expert training in acting, character creation, physical comedy, stage combat, improvisation, and text analysis. We also value the spirit of the ensemble. Our ensemble- and team-building activities create a strong, supportive cast and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Tuition: $130 ($110 before Tuesday, Sept. 11 at midnight)

Location: McLean Governmental Center, 1437 Balls Hill Road, McLean, VA 22101

Teacher: Heather Carter 

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