Spring Classes 2021

Spring Classes 2021

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Our spring ZOOM classes focus on building the theatrical skill that we need the most right now: IMPROVISATION!  Small class size and a supportive, high-energy environment will take your acting to the next level.


D & D Improv

  • No audition, no homework …
  • … All Imagination!

Harness the popular role-playing game D&D to form a new kind of ensemble: the Adventuring Improv Party!  Instead of retelling an already-existing story, we customize each adventure for maximum creativity and theatrical challenge! 

Actors will create bold characters, overcome obstacles, and make strategic and innovative choices on the spot as they use long-form improvisation as a storytelling tool. 

Each class will feed into the next, in an ongoing original story that encourages actors to work together both as characters and as collaborators designing an expansive story — their own epic adventure!

Private Tutoring

One-on-one Monologue Coaching

Applying to college? Need to sharpen up those audition monologues? Get some pointers from TPE’s founder & producing artistic director, Jeanne E. Harrison.

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By appointment only. Contact jeharrison@travelingplayers.org.

Want private coaching on a different topic?  Just let us know!  Many of our brilliant instructors have the time to reconnect with you right now. Prices vary with instructors.  Send an email to jeharrison@travelingplayers.org and we’ll help set it up.