New Year’s Eve Zoom-Over Party

New Year's Eve Zoom-Over Party

Traveling Players’ final event of this year is the New Year’s Eve Zoom-Over Party, when TPE campers spend the last night of the year celebrating, with theatre games, songs, time capsules, and storytelling with the TPE staff.

Our ninth annual New Year’s Eve event will bid farewell to 2020 and a grateful hello to 2021 in the best possible way — with a crew of good friends!

To participate, you must have been in a Traveling Players program sometime in your life, currently be in 6th grade or higher, and not yet have graduated high school.

  • Date & Time: December 31, 2020, 9pm — 1am
  • Tuition: $40 ($45 after the Early Bird Discount flies away November 23 at midnight)
    • Includes a special TPE goodie bag!
      (Order your ticket by Friday, Dec. 25 to make sure it arrives before the party starts!)

video disclaimer: we’ll be tidier this year, since they’ll be at home!

Camp-in for New Years Eve with Traveling Players!