Class Policies and Protocols


TPE is committed to ensemble values of collaboration, inclusiveness, equality, mutual respect, and teamwork and expects students to support, encourage, challenge and inspire each other in a safe environment.  TPE will dismiss any student who exhibits behavior that, in our sole discretion, is unsafe or disrupts or distracts from the educational mission of the program.  The following are absolutely not permitted by participants in Traveling Players Ensemble programs: (1) harassment, (2) sexual intimacy, (3) theft or misuse of property, (4) the use and/or possession of illegal drugs and/or alcohol, and (5) the use and/or possession of any tobacco; vaping (also known as juuling) and vape pens, juuls, pods, cartridges, or containers of vaping or juul liquid of any kind; marijuana; and nicotine products.  Violations lead to dismissal and tuition is not refunded.


Our goal is to provide an outstanding theatre experience for young adults that will contribute to their maturity and foster a lifelong love of both theatre and the outdoors while meeting rigorous artistic and educational standards.  Traveling Players Ensemble’s programs are physically, emotionally, and intellectually demanding, and therefore not appropriate for all students. If you have concerns about whether the program is appropriate for your child, then please call the office at (703) 987-1712.


Cell phones, iPods, mp3 players, kindles, smart watches, fitness trackers, other Bluetooth devices, etc. are NOT allowed during classes/rehearsals.  Your child is allowed to bring these items with him/her, but must leave them with their instructor during class.  If something comes up during class time (family emergency on your end, camper not feeling well on our end), please call the TPE Office at 703-987-1712 (or expect a call from the office).  We will make sure your child, as well as his/her staff members, are up to date with anything that’s going on.


Student attendance is essential to the success of the class.  Students who miss more than two (2) classes without the instructor’s advance permission will be removed from the class.  No refund will be offered in this case.


Traveling Players Ensemble, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or disability in the administration of its admissions or employment policies.  If Traveling Players Ensemble reasonably determines that a disability or condition could lead to an inappropriate level of danger to the individual or others, based upon a particular activity, then that person may be ineligible for that particular activity or program but would not be excluded from other opportunities offered by Traveling Players Ensemble.


A participant, who withdraws after registering, but before classes begin, may receive a tuition refund minus a 15% administration fee.  Refunds requested after the first or second class will be subject to the same 15% administration fee plus pro-rated costs.  No refunds are available by the third class.  Tuition will not be refunded if dismissal results from violation of general expectations and standards (see above), or if health information has been withheld about the participant.  Please disclose all health information so that we can determine if Traveling Players is an appropriate fit and assemble appropriate staff to support your child. 


If minimum enrollment is not achieved in any Traveling Players Ensemble program, then the program will be cancelled and full tuition will be reimbursed. Classes cancelled due to inclement weather will not be rescheduled, nor will they be refunded.


Traveling Players Ensemble reserves the right to change the details of the program as necessary in order to maintain high artistic and safety standards.


As the parent/guardian of the applicant, I understand and acknowledge that there are certain risks and hazards associated with the activities and/or associated with travel to and from the location of the activities of TPE.  In consideration of the applicant’s being allowed to participate in Traveling Players Ensemble programs, I do hereby voluntarily assume all risk of accident, injury and/or loss of life due to ordinary negligence and waive, release and relinquish any and all claims for liability and cause(s) of action, including defense costs and attorney’s fees, which may arise out of his/her participation, and thereby release and discharge TPE from any and all claims to damage or liability to person or property, demands, and action.


In the event of illness or injury, I do hereby authorize the TPE staff members to administer first aid, obtain assistance from doctors and/or nurses for medical, surgical or any other appropriate treatment for my child.  I understand that TPE and its staff cannot assume responsibility for medical expenses incurred as a result of my child’s participation in educational programs.


I hereby allow Traveling Players Ensemble, Inc. to use images of myself or my child, whether on film, video, electronic media or other format, for publicity, marketing or any other purpose which Traveling Players Ensemble deems appropriate.