Leo Wehner

Leo Wehner is a first-time staffer this year, but not a first-time member to the TPE community: he’s been with Traveling Players since 2012 as a camper in the Middle School Ensemble, the High School Ensemble, Traveling Troupe, as well as Shakespeare in Performance in the winter—sometimes with his brother, Max. Leo has been jumping on opportunities to act in Northern Virginia for over ten years in school plays, outside-of-school camps, and, most recently, the University of Chicago’s Dean’s Men ensemble. His enthusiasm for the arts and all things nerdy does not stop at theatre: Leo spends his free time writing fiction stories and searching for additions to his ever-growing collection of atlases. He’s also an avid backpacker and long-distance cyclist, having toured in places such as Nova Scotia, Scotland, and across the United States. Leo has just completed his first year majoring in English at the University of Chicago.