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Corporate Holiday Parties & Team Building

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Work and play together!

For 19 years, Traveling Players has perfected the art of ensemble building.  Now we want to share that expertise with you! Whether you are looking for some holiday revelry or you want to build and maintain your community while working remotely, our teaching artists  will help your team be more connected and effective, while having a ton of fun!

Your event is completely customizable to your organization’s needs. No matter what you are looking for we promise to bring you a fun and engaging event that your team will be talking about for years to come!

Improv Olympics

For those who need games and relaxation!

This high energy workshop will get your team working and playing together, with a focus on listening, creative thinking, and communication.  Team members will have a ton of fun while they learn how to apply improvisational skills to everyday business or organizational challenges.

  • Great for small to medium groups


Trivia Night

For those who need some healthy competition!       

We all know that a little bit of healthy competition brings teams together, so test your team’s knowledge with Trivia! Play solo or bar-style on teams and let your team member’s quick thinking shine.

  • Customize your game categories or difficulty level!
  • Great for small and large groups alike!


Virtual Escape Rooms

For those who need an Escape!

Looking for an out of the box challenge? Try one of our custom escape rooms! Small teams of adventurers will work together to supercharge their creative problem solving skills, through puzzles, riddles, and more! Race against the clock or other teams.  Do you think your team is up to the challenge?

  • Great for small groups

Improv’s low-stakes training increases the likelihood that team members will feel comfortable communicating in a variety of work situations. “Yes, and” is the key.

Jesse Scinto, Forbes Magazine

Read more here!


Why should you bring Ensemble Thinking into your office?

Ensemble practice fosters a collective ownership of the end product. With a focus on inclusivity and collaboration, all members of the group develop a sense of the whole, and feel more supported, trusted and listened to by their colleagues. Traveling Players Revels allows your team to stretch their creative problem solving while saying “Yes And” to a super fun event!

Fill out the form below to get a quote for your corporate team building event! If it’s not loading on the webpage, you can use this link to access it in a new window.