Traveling Players Ensemble is more than meets the eye. On the surface, it’s a professional theater company […] it does an amazing job of training teens in outdoor classical theater. But even more amazing is the community that has sprung up around this organization. Teenagers and theater professionals from around the DC area form lasting friendships and learn extremely valuable life lessons from their camp experiences. Since coming to TPE, I’ve begun to live from summer to summer. I can’t possibly praise this organization enough.

— Alum

I’ve been watching my son grow up with Traveling Players for seven years now, finding his way into characters from a slapstick-happy servant to Romeo, making friends and pitching tents and fitting large pieces of scenery into buses, and every bit of it has been challenge and discovery wrapped up in a loving environment. He wouldn’t be who he is without that experience.

– Parent

Putting together a full-length Shakespeare play in a few short weeks requires commitment from all of the members of the cast. The work ethic that I learned from Traveling Players helped me to success in high school and now in college.

– Alum