Safety at Camp

She learned how to be a better actor, better friend, and better problem solver. I like that there are opportunities for things to go wrong in a safe way.

⁠— Parent

Traveling Players maintains a 1:4 staff to camper ratio. That means our students are more than just in our sight, but receiving personalized training and attention.  Our staff is comprised of talented artists and educators who work professionally both in the DC-metro area and around the world. Read all about them on our staff page!

Our Artistic Director personally interviews every member of our staff. All employees of Traveling Players are rigorously background checked. All staff attend a week of all-day on-site orientation.

All our staff receive American Red Cross First Aid, CPR, and EpiPen training. Many of the faculty who lead our high school programs are also certified in Wilderness First Aid.

Our staff have a high level of physical competency. Many of them have run marathons, hiked the Appalachian Trail, or trained as certified lifeguards. 

We dedicate a full day of staff orientation to practicing how to keep our students in safe boundaries with our on-call social worker. Zena Carmel-Jessup is a Maryland Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience training staff and working with children and families.

Our fleet of six purple buses have an exceptional and spotless safety record. All of our buses are professionally maintained by our experienced on-call diesel mechanic. We employ a commercial driver trainer to personally train all of our drivers. All of our bus drivers are drug tested before the summer begins and randomly tested throughout the summer. Every bus is staffed by a bus counselor in addition to the driver. The bus counselor will be your point of contact. Many of our buses are also staffed by additional staff members who help make the ride to and from camp fun and relaxing!

Every week we bring our campers to Spring Hill RECenter for a chance to jump in the pool after a night of camping! While at the pool, our staff is supported by a team of certified lifeguards.

Since Traveling Players is an unplugged program, campers are unavailable by phone while on the bus and at camp.

You can still get in contact with us, however! Transportation updates and queries should be directed to your bus counselor, and all other communication can be addressed to the Camp Director.