Frequently Asked Questions

Info for summer 2022 coming soon! Below is summer 2021.

Camp FAQ

learn about mythology while performing in a show

You can send food in care packages but it must be able to be eaten immediately, as we can’t have food in the cabins.

Please also refrain from sending items such as electronics and medications (over the counter or prescription). These items are handled by our camp staff.

We recommend that you send both sheets and a blanket and a sleeping bag. The kids will spend a couple nights in tents so the sleeping bag will be good for that, and the cabins will have AC so sheets and blankets will be good for them. The sleeping bag can be used as the blanket if it unzips entirely 

The kids will need a small daypack to carry their script, pencils, water bottle, camera, etc., but they won’t need a framed camping backpack. 

You can bring powdered detergent. Your student will also be able to buy detergent from the camp store. We don’t want parents to send liquid detergent or liquid pods, since they could create a huge mess. Campers should have about 12 days worth of clothes. We will do extra laundry if needed (i.e. there’s a huge rainstorm and everyone’s towels get muddy, surprise period, etc.) 


No, we don’t advise a pre-camp physical, unless your camper has a condition or a health issue that you think requires a physician to evaluate them before any summer camp adventures.

If your camper had COVID-19 any time in the past 6 months, we do require a note from a doctor indicating that they are cleared to participate in the physical and social activities at camp.

Our 2021 Health Forms are now available on our website’s registration system.  Please fill out your health form as soon as possible — having all the data about where our community’s health is allows us to make informed choices about camp.  We need your health forms and all associated documents no later than 11:59pm on Sunday, June 6.

Below, please find a guide to our online health system. For most campers, checking all these boxes should take no longer than 30 minutes — so please do it as soon as you can, rather than leaving it for later!

  • Click this link to fill out our digital health form.
    • When finished, make sure you have selected “this form is complete” and click “submit” — otherwise, your data will not be saved.
    • If you’d like to fill this form in more than one sitting, please save your progress by scrolling to the bottom, selecting “this form is not complete”, and clicking “submit” before closing your browser or leaving your computer.
  • Click this link to access your document center. On this page, we need you to submit three important documents:
    • A copy or a photo of your camper’s health insurance card (front and back).
    • A copy or a photo of your camper’s immunization history.
    • A copy or a photo of your camper’s COVID-19 vaccination card.
      • If your camper has not yet received their first shot, please upload their vaccination card as soon as they receive it.
      • If your camper has received their first shot, please upload their vaccination card now. Once they get their second shot, you will be able and required to reupload their vaccination card with the updated information on it.
    • Click this linkto access your medication record. Please ensure that all the medications your child will or may take at camp are recorded here (including vitamins and natural remedies).
      • You do not need to include OTC drugs used circumstantially (ibuprofen, Benadryl, etc.) unless they are a part of your child’s routine healthcare.

Please note: this entire process is associated with the account used to register for camp. Log into your existing account and do not create a new account in our system to fill out your health info.

Traveling Players camp is in residence at the Madeira School in McLean, VA.  Read more about our Camp Locations.

Camp runs from 9 am to 4 pm every weekday. In addition, for every camp except our Acting Sampler Weeks, every Thursday night features a campout: students camp overnight at Lake Fairfax and leave for home at 4 pm on Friday. We host three performance festivals. On those days, campers should expect to remain through the evening.

We offer programs for 3rd through 12th graders.

Some groups go onto a waiting list in January and others in February, just before the Early Bird deadline. By the time spring arrives, availability is still good but it is scattered across our many programs. Our advice? Register as soon as you can—it only takes a few minutes—and then relax!

Traveling Players operates purple buses that run throughout the DC Metro area.  You can find the bus stop closest to you here.  There is no additional charge for bus service.  Families living close to The Madeira School are welcome to drop their kids at camp as well.

No.  While we do have a weekly overnight on Thursdays, campers will return home on most days.  Campers from out of town will need regular housing during their season with us.

The majority of our campers come for 4 week sessions; in our opinion, this is the minimum time required to effectively rehearse a play.  However, we do offer several shorter mini-camps, as well as advanced camps that run longer than 4 weeks.  You can see all of our ensembles’ lengths and learn more about each of them.

Child development experts agree: longer sessions are better! It takes a week to integrate yourself into a new community, and it is only in the subsequent weeks that transformative learning happens. In order to create new habits, you need to practice them long enough for them to become ingrained. Your average student will learn twice as much in a four-week session as they do in a three-week session.

Interestingly enough, in our first summer, we began with three-week ensemble programs – and Shakespeare Troupe started out at six-weeks. 100% of our students wanted the programs to be longer. Longer programs allow our students to learn more, build real trust and life-long friendships, gain new skills on and off stage, and rehearse a show they can truly be proud of.

Ensemble theatre forms the backbone of the Traveling Players philosophy. Learn more about what that means!

While not all of Traveling Players’ alumni pursue theatre professionally, those that do have done quite well.  Our students have attended Yale, Emerson, Muhlenberg, NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, among other schools, often receiving artistic awards or scholarships.  Our alumni are currently working with the SITI Company, Trinity Rep, Shakespeare & Company and Cal Shakes.

On regular days, campers should bring a lunch with them.  On the Thursday night campouts, please bring two lunches.  We provide Thursday snack, dinner, and Friday breakfast.  We also provide the majority of meals on the longer tours; see the individual programs for details.

You can find out what to bring to camp here.  Please note that Traveling Players provides tents; your child will not need his or her own tent.

We offer a remarkable staff-to-student ration of 1:4. Learn more about our staff!

Our overall camper retention rate is approximately 70%.

We go swimming every Friday afternoon in the swimming pool at the nearby Spring Hill RECenter.  In addition to our own staff, Spring Hill RECenter employs certified lifeguards.  High School programs also have opportunities to go swimming while on tour, supervised by the TPE staff.

Traveling Players Ensemble offers high-value programs at competitive costs.  You can see what your tuition pays for here.

There are a few ways you can be eligible for discounts on our summer programs:

Early Bird Special: If you enroll for a TPE program before midnight on Feb. 14, you can receive a special early bird discount!

Referrals: If a new student enrolls in any program at your suggestion, we will gratefully give you a rebate. Multiple new campers equals multiple rebates! You don’t have to wait to register to get the rebate—enroll and pay now, and we’ll gladly refund you as a thank you for every referral.

Full Summer Discount: Families enrolling one child in multiple sessions are eligible for a discount! In order to qualify for the discount, you must purchase two sessions of 4 weeks or more.

Sibling Discount: Families enrolling more than one child may take a discount.