Packing List for a Troupe Tour

Taking the Show on Tour

After weeks of hard work, take the show on the road, etc etc etc

Big Framed Backpack

NOTE: This should be big enough to hold your sleeping bag, pad, clothes, and gear, but be small enough for you to cary easily and to fit into your tent.

LINE YOUR BACKPACK WITH TRASH BAGS: Wet gear is unhappy gear! We recommend one for yours sleeping bag on the bottom and another for your clothes and other gear on top.
  • Hiking boots
    • These must be sturdy, with good treading; if you don’t have well worn-in boots, then bring your sturdiest sneakers.
  • Water Sandals
    • For white-water-rafting, the bus, and walking in town; they need to have good treading and should NOT be flip-flops.
  • 5 or 6 pairs of non-cotton socks
    • Wool or synthetic will keep your feet happy.
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Sleeping bag in stuff sack
  • Sleeping pad
  • Optional Sheet
    • Lightweight, for use on hot nights when a sleeping bag is too hot.
  • Costume Stuff (in an easily grab-able ziplock bag)
    • Anything you wear under your costume (shirt? socks?)
    • Costume shoes
  • Clothing
    • 12 pairs of underwear
    • 2-3 bras and/or sports bras
    • 1-2 pairs of pants
      • We recommend pairs that are breathable, lightweight, and hardy, and if you bring jeans, PLEASE bring a pair of hiking pants as well.
    • 1-2 pairs of shorts
      • We recommend pairs that are breathable, lightweight, and hardy; zip-offs are great!
    • Optional long underwear
    • Optional rain pants
    • Something to sleep in
      • You can also just wear your cleanest set of regular clothing, if you’d like.
    • T-shirts (3 – 5)
      • Wicking shirts are highly recommended because you can rise them at night and have them “clean” and dry by the morning.
    • Long sleeve shirts (2)
    • Rain Coat
      • NOT a poncho
    • Fleece or wool sweater
    • Optional warm vest
    • Hat
      • Either to keep you warm at night or cool during the day.
    • Bandana (1)
    • Clean outfit (1) to wear to restaurants that you can keep in a plastic bag in your pack
    • Swimsuit
    • Small towel

Small Daypack

NOTE: This should be big enough to hold a water bottle, your lunch, rain gear, and extra shirt, and a book, but easy to carry on your back while you hike.

  • Optional journal
  • Optional pens, crayons, etc
  • Deck of cards
  • 1-2 books
    • We can all trade books, so you’ll have plenty to read!
  • 1 CD
    • For the bus! Bring something we can all enjoy.
  • Money
    • Bring $100 for shopping and for extra restaurant meals.
  • Water Bottles (2)
    • No Deer park bottles, please.  Bring sturdy, reusable bottles. (We may have a bunch of extras in the lost and found from last session.)
  • Optional sunglasses
  • Optional pocket knife
  • Your SCRIPT!
  • Optional camera
  • In an easily removable ziplock or stuff sack: Everything with a fragrance!
    • Anything with any scent whatsoever should go into this bag and will never go into your tent, where scents might attract animals to the campsites.
    • Toothbrush & toothpaste
    • Shampoo, etc.
    • Soap & Face Wash
    • Tampons, etc
    • Other toiletries
    • Stage Makeup
    • Plastic Coffee Mug
    • Tupperware & utensil for meals
    • Vitamins & Medication (enough for the whole tour)
      • All medications will go to your AD for safekeeping.
    • Tick Repellant
      • Deet- effictive but intense; Repel Lemon Eucalyptus (the herbal equivalent of Deet, found at REI) – our recommendation; or pre-treat your clothing with Sawyer’s Permethrin spray (also at REI, spray, let dry for 24 hours, then you’re good for 2 weeks).  It’s deer ticks that carry Lyme Disease, and, although only a small percentage of the ticks are infected, these are simple ways to protect yourself.
    • Sunscreen
    • Student ID
      • To get into the theatre at the student rate.
    • Signed Permission Slip for white-water-rafting


how to pack for a troupe tour